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You don’t need to hide, my friend, for I am just like you.


You don’t need to hide, my friend, for I am just like you.






Why TaB?

TaB was first produced in 1963 and popularized as a diet soda by The Coca-Cola company. In Universe A (the Troll’s universe) the Condesce had sold billions of Trollian TaB and adopted TaB as her drink of choice upon arriving in the Alpha kid’s universe.
Controversy about the drink arose in the late 1970’s and 1980’s about TaB’s main sweetening ingredient, sodium saccharin, the first known and oldest of artificial sweeteners, which was believed to be a carcinogen (A cancer causing chemical, which, oddly enough, can literally be found in Karkat’s trollian handle, carcinoGeneticist, who blames himself for causing The Tumor in the Kid’s session).

So why is it related to the Peixes as opposed to any other Vantas?

It isn’t exclusively because of Meenah’s role as the Thief of Life in the Beta Troll’s session.

While the cancer warning label from TaB was removed in 2000, the fact still remains that saccharin could cause cancer. And currently demanding a very suspicious alternate solution, but supposedly right (like a diet soda), is Meenah’s Alpha self (who used the Tumor in her session), The Condesce, the Trollian inventor of TaB.

While not being cancerous herself, her weapon of choice isn’t merely just her trident, her Maid, or her dog. By conquering Skia and making herself the Black Queen, and she had the machinery and manpower necessary to dig into Skia’s core and remove…

The Tumor.

Due to how Universe B was created, no matter how many times the universe is scratched, it will always inherent The Tumor. The Condesce, as either a threat to the Trolls and Kids to not disobey her, or as a way to scratch the session if she fails and start over in a universe where the Alpha Guardians are the Sburb players, aka, the Beta Session. This could possibly happen and explain why her presence in the Beta Universe B is less influential, but still plot essential, due to her resources completely being depleted and her needing to start from scratch in a less conquerable session. Also, her motivation to enter the beta session and her access to it, is only possible via this method.


TaB signifies that The Condesce will use The Tumor in some way.

(Special thanks to Hank Green for inspiring me to make this post with this video)

the choice of soda used almost as a running gag is a hint to the facedown of one of the biggest antagonists in this nearly 8000 page webcomic I’m impressed and pissed off at the same time

Hussie has done this before and he will do it again.

Also, take a look at Condy’s glasses. Why are they white instead of fuschia, like Meenah’s or Fef’s?

Because The Tumor is black and white.

I don’t even understand what I just read and I’m impressed



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